• Pre-kindergarten typically introduces the student to a formal school setting. The program
    concentrates on the development of the whole child. We strive to build a strong foundation
    for academic success by encouraging each child’s natural curiosity about the world, which
    instinctively creates a desire to learn more. The class focuses on developing an appreciation of
    God’s world and the joy of being a part of His community. The curriculum represents a hands-on approach to learning, which caters to each child’s individual needs in order to form the readiness skills necessary to begin his/her education. The student begins to learn the alphabet, sounds, numbers, and shapes. Each student  works to develop motor skills. The classroom setting assists as each student cultivates many important social and emotional skills such as self-help skills such as task commitment and perseverance, observing and following home and school rules, accepting correction, respecting others and their property, and develops a concept of self, family, and friends.